Materials Requirements for GEMS Teacher's Guides.

What materials will I need to present a unit? This is one of the most frequent questions we are asked.

Every effort is made in GEMS to use materials that are easy-to-find, inexpensive, and safe for classroom use. GEMS activities emphasize everyday materials — paper, pens, tape, plastic cups, scissors, and the like. But occasionally we require slightly more complex and difficult to find materials. After all, the materials needed to create a streambed to model erosion on a mountainside are more complicated than those needed to experiment with bubbles. (But both are well worth doing!)

With each title below is a PDF document with the materials lists scanned directly from the pages of that book. Many of the materials needed are available from our kit manufacturer, Carolina Curriculum, pre-packed in quantities that are suitable for the activities outlined in the guide. (Most GEMS Guides can also be purchased from Carolina Curriculum as pre-constructed GEMS Kits; in some instances the convenience of a pre-built kit more than justifies the added expense.)

For a number of guides there are materials that you should purchase from Carolina Biological that are less than a complete kit, but that will make your experience much easier: Color Analyzers optics kit with filters and diffraction gratings; lenses for More Than Magnifiers; overhead transparencies for Moons of Jupiter. Those items can be purchased here.

Simply select a title to download the materials list:

Acid Rain

Algebraic Reasoning

Animal Defenses

Ant Homes Under the Ground

Aquatic Habitats

Bubble Festival


Buzzing a Hive

Build It! Festival

Color Analyzers

Chemical Reactions

Crime Lab Chemistry


Dry Ice Investigations

Discovering Density

Earth Moon & Stars

Early Adventures in Algebra

Electric Circuits

Eggs Eggs Everywhere

Environmental Detectives

Elephants and Their Young


Experimenting with Model Rockets

Frog Math

Global Warming and the Greenhouse Effect

Group Solutions

Group Solutions, Too!

Hide A Butterfly

Hot Water & Warm Homes from Sunlight

In All Probability

Invisible Universe

Investigating Artifacts


Involving Dissolving

Life Through Time

Learning About Learning

Living with a Star

Liquid Explorations

Math on the Menu

Math Around the World

Messages from Space


Moons of Jupiter

Microscopic Explorations

Mother Opossum and Her Babies

More than Magnifiers

Ocean Currents

Mystery Festival

On Sandy Shores

Of Cabbages and Chemistry


Only One Ocean

Paper Towel Testing

Parent Partners

Penguins and Their Young

Plate Tectonics

The Real Reasons for Seasons

River Cutters

Secret Formulas

Schoolyard Ecology

Stories in Stone

Sifting Through Science

Treasure Boxes

Terrarium Habitats

Tree Homes


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